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About this journal

.:AMNESIA.Hakuōki.Magi.Otome Games.Inazuma11.Zelda.Trauma.One Piece.Tsuritama:.
Jornal for translations, fandom related entries, personal things and rant.

90% English, 10% German

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猫少年の『Kenren』 [userpic]

This journal is semi "Friends only".
Most fandom related entries will be open, the rest will be friends locked.

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猫少年の『Kenren』 [userpic]

Cast interview with Miyata Kouki from "AMNESIA Later Visual Artbook".

Read over by shiroi_ume

Interview under the cutCollapse )

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猫少年の『Kenren』 [userpic]

„I have an eye for beautiful things. When I see someone like you, I just have to talk to that person.”

A young man that came to the city, carrying a secret.

CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa

A young man that came to the city to meet that person. He is an artist and has a very fine sensibility.

Staff Comment:

“On the right is the standing picture of the new character Ruka! With
his 27 years he is fairly older than the other characters in ‘AMNESIA’.
He is a sensitive and, living as an artist, unique character and came
to the city to meet that person. The original image that Hanamura drew
was planed to be beautiful, but that he would have such an ‘ikemen
aura’… So much that you want to start to cheer for the other characters,
like: ‘Ikki, you have to do your best! Don’t lose!’ (laughs) I can’t
reveal any detailed information, but please look forward to him playing
an important role in ‘Crowd’!”

(by Yamaguchi Mikiharu, director)

...damn. I need a Ruka icon.

猫少年の『Kenren』 [userpic]

Usually I'm never removing book jackets. They are part of the book (even if they are not attached to the book) and there is no reason to remove them, right? Right...?!

Well, no.

I accidentially removed the jacket of my "AMNESIA LATER Visual Fanbook" and was really surprised when I saw that there was kind of a parody of the cover image under it. I thought this was a joke extra for this cover because you can easily alter it, but then I found out: They did it with every cover.

I really enjoy all these images. And because I hope all of you will enjoy them as well, I scanned them.

Scans under the cutCollapse )

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